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What we're doing now

We’re on the eastern coast of Spain, in the beautiful Marina Alta. It’s early summer.

After too many years of over-working and not taking care of ourselves, we’re currently working on Project Health, which includes enjoying the delights of the incredible fresh local produce, from fruit and veg to locally-caught seafood, it’s all delicious.

We swim in the Med most mornings – a wonderful way to start the day. When we can, we visit the local markets to pick up whatever is in season.

This blog is an important part of Project Health. Fire. Light. Love. These gifts under the Spanish Sun explores in a humorous way, the trials and tribulations of uprooting one’s life to build a new life in a different culture.

Ed’s working on a number of writing projects, including:

  • Making life-changing moves: a series of articles and an e-book providing practical help in a light-hearted and funny style to help the reader through the maze of making a life-changing move.
  • Fiction: Ed is currently writing a humorous sci-fi, environmental novel featuring a gender-fluid protagonist who has been tasked with saving the planet.

Ed is also continuing to work in the field of Sustainability and Resilience via Tynos Consulting.

More of Ed’s writing: Morphing Times A personal blog exploring the interaction of politics, dreams, bodies and the planet.

When not knee-deep in the Med, Jane is likely to be knee-deep in the world of communications – developing strategy, designing for web, creating innovative campaigns for social media engagement or writing through her consultancy, The Lunar Works.

Last updated 23 October 2017.