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These gifts:

Fire. Light. Love.


This is our story

Let us introduce ourselves. We are Jane and Ed. Two queer types who, after many years of living in the (relatively) comfortable corporate world, have decided, one way or another, to live a different life.

Our journeys have taken us from Australia (Ed) and Scotland (Jane) via the south coast of England to eastern Spain, where we are creating a new life full of health, happiness and simple pleasures.

Ed is a writer, sustainability expert and gluten free baker, while Jane is creative who specialises in digital, design, writing and… er… gluten free baking (see a theme developing here?). We are both serial entrepreneurs, always coming up with ideas and with a passion for story-telling and making the connections between people and places.

The story of our transformation from people who had worked for corporate bosses to people who stood with nothing virtually but our clothes is for another time and place to tell.  Suffice to say, that at some quite advanced point in this transformation, once we had made the decision to move to Spain, we were on the ferry a mere four months later, with almost nothing but our hopes, our brains, a deeper understanding of what true friends are, and our resilience to keep us going.

To those reading this who have already been there, you will hopefully read our blog with a wry and knowing smile. To those who never want to be in our shoes, please keep your duvet close and your whiskey closer. And to those who want to do what we are doing but can see the pitfalls a mile off – remember: humility is the better part of grace.

We hope you’ll enjoy the journey too.

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Jane and Ed